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Nannies, Know Your Rights!

Know Your Rights

​The great Net VS Gross debate among the nanny world is still very much alive today, thanks to decades of nannies being paid ‘cash in hand.’ Only recently, have nannies campaigned to be treated the same as every other employee in the country, receiving the same rights and entitlements and in turn ‘going gross.’ It’s a well known fact that lots of nannies and even agencies, only discuss wages in Net. Real Nannies stands firmly in contributing to changing those industry standards.

“Nannying is an industry which seems to be forgotten about when it comes to tax, equality, and more.”

The #GoGross Campaign believes that by educating nannies, employers, and agencies about the benefits of gross pay the cycle of talking and agreeing on an ever-confusing net pay can be broken.

ALWAYS discuss your wages in gross. Nannies are often inclined - after years of misinformation cemented- to want to agree their net salary, but this calls for confusion from the offset.

“No other industry works with net pay, and for good reason. Let’s bring nannies up to date and in line with other industries.”

Some of the MANY benefits include:

· Job Stability: Nannies can always be confident that all relevant taxes are being paid.

· Tax-Free Allowance: Nannies will benefit from the tax-free allowance rising every year.

· Job market: Nannies can easily compare their jobs salary to others, as every other job is paid in a gross wage.

· HMRC: HMRC only deal in Gross figures.

· Banks and loans: For mortgages and loans, banks will only deal with Gross figures.

So always #GoGross and call or E-mail Real Nannies or Nanny Matters for any more information or advice you might need.

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