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Searching for the perfect nanny for your family? We are here to help.

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So you’ve searched all the childcare options and if you’re here, have probably decided that a nanny is what you and your family are looking for, brilliant! Question is, which nanny is right for you? Would a wonderful Live-in Nanny make your life more stress free? Or do you need a part time nanny who can fit in around your busy family life? There are different types of nannies offering different levels of childcare and domestic help and we are here to help you determine what's right for you.


Understandably, you’re searching for someone you can rely on, someone you trust and someone who will have a positive influence on your children. Great, but which style of care do you really need? Below are your options; don’t forget, all costs are always in gross #gogross

Which Type of Nanny Are You Looking For?

Daily Nanny (live-out)

A full-time daily nanny normally works between 8-12 hours per day, 4-5 days per week, and can either be in a shared or sole charge position. Most full-time daily nanny roles are sole charge, meaning they have sole charge of the children, whilst the parents work. Live-out nannies are most suitable for families that need childcare support during the day, but enjoy their own space and privacy when they are at home during the evening. Duties of a live out nanny can include:

  • Meal planning and cooking

  • Organising social schedules and playdates

  • Helping with homework

  • Occasionally, if there’s time, helping with the children’s laundry

  • A live-out nanny normally charges anywhere from £16-25+ gross per hour depending on qualifications and experience

Daily live out Nanny

Live-In Nanny

A live-in nanny resides in your home, with all rent costs and food costs covered by you, on top of their annual salary. The nanny must have their own bedroom, and ideally their own bathroom too. If you can offer a separate floor or entrance, your chances of finding your perfect nanny are a lot higher. Live-in nannies normally work between 10-12 hours per day, 5 days per week with two nights of babysitting, offering working families the flexibility they need. As the nanny lives in your home, it’s important that the family respects the nanny’s privacy when she is off duty. House rules, along with the use of any household items and how the food situation will work, must be discussed prior to contracts being signed. The nanny’s duties remain the same as the live-out nanny’s. You can expect to pay an experienced live in nanny between £650-£900+ per week.

Live n Nanny

Mother's Help

A mother’s help performs the same duties as the nannies above, but they normally lack the experience and aren’t always confident in being left alone in sole charge of very young babies. Instead, they focus more on supporting the parents and caring for the children jointly. This usually suits a family where one parent is at home, looking after the children, but needs an extra pair of hands. A mother’s help is not a cleaner, but will help with ‘nursery duties,’ often shopping and can either live in or live out.

Mothers help

Maternity Nanny/Nurse

A maternity nanny is an expert in all things newborn babies and their mothers. Whether the baby is breast or bottle-fed, a maternity nurse will advise and carry out all duties relating to the care of the mother and the baby in those crucial first few weeks after giving birth. A maternity nurse usually lives in for 1-12 weeks and offers 24 hour support.

Night Nanny

A night nanny does what it says on the tin. The nanny is there for all of your night time needs, from offering support establishing routines for newborns, to supporting older babies and toddlers who may have trouble settling or sleeping through the night. In some cases, parents may work through the night, meaning they simply require someone to care for their children overnight in the form of proxy-parenting.

Nanny share

If you want to look at other ways of reducing your childcare costs, then it may be worth looking into a nanny share. A nanny share is simply where two families share one daily, live-out nanny, and the nanny looks after both families’ children at the same time. It’s a great option for those looking for the 1:1 care of a nanny, while wanting to bring their childcare costs down.


In a nutshell, the nanny’s salary is split between the two families, each employing the nanny on their own, separate payrolls. The nanny will expect a higher rate of pay for looking after two families at one time. Generally, it’s not the number of children that makes the difference, it’s managing the needs of two different families. You can read more about nanny shares in our blog.


Nanny share
Night Nanny
Maternity Nanny
Nanny share

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