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The Real Nannies EXCLUSIVE Nanny
Training Programme.

At Real Nannies we've often wondered why a job with such huge responsibility comes with so little training or support. Because of this, we have created a one of a kind training development course with online training and real-world knowledge.

Girls laughing Real Nannies

Before our fantastic nannies are introduced to a family, they have to pass the Real Nannies training course. The course is exclusive to Real Nannies and taught only to those who make it through the tough interview process.

While there is no formal nanny training required to actually become a nanny, Real Nannies knows that even seasoned pros can always learn more about being a high-quality and professional nanny.


The course is based on everything we have learned throughout the last 12 years and enables nannies to have a more successful career.  Most importantly we are always on hand to offer support and guidance to Nannies even after they've been employed by you.


Some of the modules the Real Nannies training course covers are:

  • Cooking & nutrition

  • Safety

  • Professionalism

  • Accidents

  • Positive behavioural techniques

  • Honesty

  • Playgroups and playdates

  • Age-appropriate activities

  • Creative/messy play

  • Fun, imaginative play and adventure

  • Screen time vs green time

  • Confidentiality

Our industry-leading training and development programme sets our nannies apart from the rest. Coming equipped with a fountain of extra knowledge, fills us with confidence that we will find the perfect match for you.

We are the only nanny agency ensuring each nanny has completed our bespoke training course before being put forward for the right position. Our programme gives us a chance to get to know each nanny on a more personel and in-depth level whilst ensuring each individual continues to meets our exceptionally high standards.




"There are so many things she does effortlessly that others simply don’t do." Jonathan, Parent.

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