"Yes it's worth it. The nanny is bliss and what else do you spend your money on other than your children?" Jonathan, Parent.

Our fees

Thank you for considering Real Nannies to fill your vacancy. Real Nannies charges a one-off introduction fee payable only upon an offer of engagement. No payment is due to register or whilst we search for your perfect match. 


The Real Nannies fee structure is industry standard and reflects the highly sought-after nannies we find. Safety is our biggest concern when finding the right nanny for you and your family. Our rigorous vetting programme ensures those only with a DBS certificate, a paediatric first aid certificate, over one year of full-time nanny experience and two excellent checkable references make it through. Exclusive to Real Nannies is our unique training programme. We are the only nanny agency that ensures every nanny is trained to the highest standard by us. Real Nannies supports you through the entire process of hiring a nanny; from advising you on employer responsibilities, through to advice on the perfect nanny-family relationship. Our work here only ends when you decide it does.



(Placements 12+ weeks)

10% of nannies gross annual salary.

Nanny share:

8% of the gross annual salary that each family pays to the nanny.
**Get in touch to discuss further**


Temporary                (placements less than 12 weeks)

0-3 days £30 per day

4+ days £130 per week


£130 per week

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Private nanny agency
daily nanny

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For more information about our fee structure, refunds and cancellation policy take a look at our Terms and Conditions.