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"It takes a village to raise a child" We live by this philosophy at Real Nannies -
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Are your little ones struggling with sleep? Our good friends over at Lullaby Lucy have got you covered. The fantastic Lucy is a certified Baby Sleep Consultant & Maternity Nurse and has been in the childcare industry for 17 years.

ABSKI Childcare

ABSKI Childcare has been providing the very best, flexible and personal childcare in Tignes, France since 2013. If you're looking for a winter break with a stress free childcare solution, then look no further.

Make a habit of talking to children about the food you are going to cook. Reach an ingredient from the fridge and make a game of it “3 points to whoever can tell me what this vegetable is.”Getting children interested in cooking and eating is going to be your best friend.Always be honest with the children about exactly what is in their dinner. Don’t make a habit of hiding vegetables in sauces or under something else. When you’re at the dinner table, ask them if they can name which vegetables are in their dinner. Explain what vegetables do to you and make them excited that they are eating ‘so’ many.If you are making something the children have never had before and you’re unsure they’ll like it, follow the above steps in getting them involved first. When serving the dinner, keep each component separate and serve it with something you know they will eat. For example, serve a small portion of your new chickpea curry to the side of some plain rice and some peas. If they don’t like the curry, they can still eat the rest and there’s no need to cook another meal.Think of a time you faced some difficulty with children eating. How did you overcome it?

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