"Carly’s vast experience and knowledge relating to childcare means she adapts to families and children effortlessly." ABSki Childcare

How we choose our Nannies.

Being a nanny for 12 years taught me not only what makes a brilliant nanny, but also what makes a bad one. That’s why at Real Nannies we know the quality of our nannies won’t be beaten. Finding experienced, down to earth, Real Nannies, is an art that we’ve proudly perfected. Our advanced system means only the best of the best nannies make it through. Only then, are our nannies taken exclusively through our Real Nannies training programme, ensuring every nanny meets our exceptionally high personal standards. The steps we take to ensure every nanny meets our criteria are:


1. Nanny registration: Includes a registration form that collects copies of CV, DBS, paediatric first aid certificate, references and a cover note telling us why you want to be a Real Nanny. If they succeed, it’s onto step 2.


2. Interview via Zoom: Interviews last anywhere between 45 minutes to 1 hour+. This is where we really get to know our nannies, both personally and professionally.


3. Background and reference checks: If we feel they have something extra special in the initial interview, then it’s onto step 3. Thorough background and reference checks. We ensure every nanny has at least two written references, along with contact details, for us to personally contact previous employers.


4. Real Nannies training programme: When we are pleased with their glowing references, the nannies are enrolled onto our exclusive online Real Nannies training programme.


5. Matching process: Once completed, and we are further satisfied, we begin to think about which nanny will improve which family’s life.




When it comes to safety, we take no chances. Your children’s safety is a huge priority for us and our nannies. Every nanny that we decide to register has completed a 12-hour paediatric first aid course within the last 3 years and is then further trained by us at Real Nannies on all things ‘safety in and around the home.’ These include: cooking safety (hot pans/ovens, sharp knives and scissors), electrical dangers, road safety, household obstacles, appropriate medicine storage and administration, scooter and bike safety, household cleaning products, bath time, eating, changing babies at height, and much more. We know that a lot of these things are common sense to our nannies, but when did extra training ever hurt anyone?




All of our nannies must have a minimum of one year, full time nannying experience, a current DBS, a 12-hour paediatric first aid certification, full UK working rights, two forms of checkable ID, two checkable references and an a genuine personality.


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