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We are Experts in Helping our Nannies find their Dream Nanny Job 


So why choose Real Nannies?

By now, chances are you are sick to death of nanny placing agencies and you're sceptical of yet another. Yes, I feel you! I went through the same thing time and time again and, believe me, I know how tiring it is. But lucky for you, you’ve finally come to the right place.


What makes us different from other nanny agencies you ask?


Well, we are run solely by nannies which means we know what it takes to be one. The happiness, the endless cuddles and the countless nappy changes, but nothing prepares you for the dreaded job hunt. Whatever your situation, Real Nannies are here to make your job search straightforward and enjoyable. We listen carefully to what you tell us.


We are committed to getting to know you on both a personal and professional level, which will ultimately direct us to your perfect match. For us, personality shines through.


You will get the chance to meet and connect with (via zoom) new and like-minded nannies. You will gain a personal mentor in me – someone who is genuinely interested in always bettering your nanny journey – and you’ll enroll in the exclusive Real Nannies training programme.


Our agency is like no other because we care about YOU, the nanny. If you’re happy, we’re happy.

"Carly made me feel confident, capable and engaged when starting with my first family. Even now, years on, I'm still using Carly's advice and methods." - Emily, Nanny

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