"Real Nannies will always have their days and fun activities planned for the children. I couldn’t recommend Real Nannies enough." Jessie, Parent.



Rosamund, Parent.

"Finding the right childcare can be stressful, but Carly made everything so easy and straightforward. The kids (who were one and three when we first got a nanny) were so happy and excited to see her every morning, it makes such a difference knowing that your kids are having a great time all day while you're working. The activities they did were so much more creative and fun than anything we would have come up with, I felt like they're benefitted so much from their Real Nannies experience. Thank you!"

Beth, Parent.

"From the minute we met Carly, we felt totally at ease about finding a nanny to join our family. It was a completely new experience for us and Carly took us through the process step by step and provided us with all of the information and tools to find the right person. She was always on hand to answer any questions or to give us advice. We’re so pleased with our nanny; they are part of the family and our little ones are very happy. We couldn’t have done it without her and Real Nannies."

Jodie, Nanny.

"Carly was extremely helpful and reliable when it came to finding me a nanny family. She used her own experience and guided me towards families who were more suited to my personality and way of working. The training day was a great way to meet other nannies and we were able to share lots of activities and ideas with each other. I am now working with a wonderful family and can't thank Carly enough for helping me find them."

Jessie, Parent.

"Leaving your children with somebody is one of the biggest decision you will ever have to make, but having my children around Carly made it feel so much easier for me. Seeing their faces light up every time they are around her is so nice for any parent to see. Real nannies will always have their days and fun activities planned for the children I couldn’t recommend real Nannies enough."

The Deans, Parents.

"Carly is a phenomenon. When we hired her to be our nanny, we had no experience of that side of childcare before. It had just been nurseries and parents. Then, after about a week of working with her, and talking to other families, it was clear that we had, somehow, chanced upon the best nanny we could ever have.

From day one, she was entirely in control, telling us not to worry when our children were difficult or upset, that it was her job to deal with it. Nothing was a problem for her. Always punctual and then relaxed if we were held up on the tube, us and the children felt relaxed from the first day on. And happy. Our two, who she met when they were one and three, loved her from the start. She was calming, but also firm when it came to roads, and hugely creative with fun stuff at home, doing the arts and crafts things many parents can’t be bothered with, frankly. When we mentioned her to them, they’d light up and she was always eager to help out when work dictated an extra day or drop off here and there. And that is before we talk about the cooking. Wow. She made our children healthy food they would eat, which is very hard, from curries, to Hulk pasta to various rice things - and we would eat the leftovers after work. It was like having a live in chef and we just thought we were getting someone to make sure our kids were safe.

Thing is, when we have spoken to other parents who have nannies, we learn more and more how special Carly is. She is an absurdly good nanny. Frankly, she should be running a nanny business. There are so many things she does effortlessly that others simply don’t do and she’d probably win Britain’s Best Nanny, if she realised how brilliant she is. Every family is improved by having her anywhere near their lives. We know ours was."


Jonathan Dean, Parent.

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