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We Pride Ourselves in being the best Nanny Agency with a Distinctively Personal Approach.

Hello, I’m Carly, the founder of Real Nannies.


Real Nannies is a small, family-run nanny agency committed to finding the perfect nanny for you. I believe that every family deserves to experience the feeling of hiring their dream nanny. Choosing to hire a nanny can often be a difficult decision, but we are here to make the search process simple and to find you the nanny that is right for your family.


As a nanny myself for over 12 years, I know not only what it takes to care for children but also how to establish a stress-free environment for the parents. I know that by providing a safe, positive, fun-loving and calm environment at home, children will flourish, helping to create a harmonious and happy home for everyone involved. 

Carly Lucas Real Nannies

Throughout my years of experience, I’ve met many families who have struggled to find what they feel is a 'good' nanny who fits into their family dynamic. Having also met 'good' nannies who feel they've not fully bonded with the families they've been placed with, I realised the problem is often a matter of mismatching.

Our mission at Real Nannies remains simple... 

place the right nannies, with the right families.

Carly Lucas Real Nannies

We believe in real nannies with life experience and personality. We know that you cannot learn to be an efficient, enthusiastic, trustworthy, and down-to-earth nanny from books or by sitting in a classroom but that it is learnt through real-world, hands-on experience.


That’s why I have personally selected and trained all of our nannies, on our exclusive nanny training programme above and beyond the legal nanny requirements, ensuring each of them remains genuine and continues to have the same standards and values that Real Nannies was built on.

"Carly is a phenomenon...Frankly, she should be running a nanny business"

- Jonathan & Rosamund, Parents

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