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What is a nanny share? How does it work?Could it save me money? And Is it for me?

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

Nanny shares explained in a nutshell.

If you want to look at other ways of reducing your childcare costs, then it may be worth looking into a nanny share. A nanny share is simply where two families share one daily, live-out nanny, and the nanny looks after both families’ children at the same time. It’s a great option for those looking for the 1:1 care of a nanny, while wanting to bring their childcare costs down.

In a nutshell, the nanny’s salary is split between the two families, each employing the nanny on their own, separate payrolls. The nanny will expect a higher rate of pay for looking after two families at one time. Generally, it’s not the number of children that makes the difference, it’s managing the needs of two different families. A nanny share certainly cuts the costs, but it’s important to be clear on the logistics from the beginning to ensure it remains stress free and worth it.

First up, both parties must be laid back, honest and willing to compromise with both the other family and the nanny. A nanny share can become incredibly difficult and not worth the nanny’s time, if the families do not agree and/or want different meals/schedules/routines for their own children.

Ideally, it’s a good idea for children from both families to be of similar ages so they can fit into similar routines. This helps with everything from weaning, potty training, to nap times and even school pick-ups. Your nanny will create a routine that works for everyone.

Figure out the logistics; get together with the other family before you interview a nanny and discuss how you would like it to work. Whose house do you use? Do you split the time 50/50 between houses? Does that mean one week/month at one family’s home and another at the other’s? How do you split the cost of food? Who buys the equipment you might need? (i.e. a double buggy, an extra high chair or a travel cot)

Although there’re a lot of things to consider when sharing a nanny, the pros far outweigh the cons. Not only is it more social for your little ones, your childcare costs decrease drastically – a nanny’s average day rate (for a 10-hour day) is anything from £140-£170 (gross) for one family. Sharing a nanny with two families looks more like £87-£100 per family per 10-hour day (gross).

At Real Nannies, we believe everyone should have the right to their perfect childcare solution, with nanny shares often making that a reality. And who knows, you might make friends for life with the other family. The families I’ve worked for always did.

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