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Nanny life during COVID 19! Dear Nannies...

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

Dear Nannies,

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We want to say thank you. Thank you for holding it all together during this pandemic. Thank

you for going to work every day whilst the world around you stopped. Thank you for taking

care of the next generation reassuring them at every turn when you haven’t always been so

sure yourself. We’re so proud of the work you’re doing and the way you’re maneuvering through this storm.

These past months have brought sudden and unexpected changes. In the beginning, some

of you were required to go to work whilst some of you were furloughed. Some of you had

love ones you feared for and some of you feared for your own safety, yet throughout it all,

you stood tall and continued to grow. Your daily work schedules have uprooted, your

freedom of adventure with the children has been capped and your beloved playgroups, only

just beginning to filter back into society almost 10 months later.

No one will ever truly understand the impact on the nanny world of the closing of the parks,

the buses being off-limits, the playgroups ending and playdates suddenly becoming out of

bounds like us. We’ve lived it, breathed it and what’s more, got through it. As the world is

slowly being filtered back into a more normal way of life, the nanny world still remains a few

steps behind. Parents are still working from home; your arts and crafts ideas have been

exhausted and children’s outside activities are limited.

At Real Nannies, we want to let you know that the hardest days are over and better days are

to come. If you can get through this with such poise, you, my dear nannies, can get through


We truly believe that behind every heroic front-line worker; essential employee, doctor and

nurse is a heroic nanny caring for their children, so they can meet the needs of everyone



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